Counselling Services   |   Abbotsford, Britsh Columbia

"Peter White is a most respected colleague and an absolute treasure in this field. His clients are blessed to have such support as well as help."

Cathy Patterson-Sterling, MA, RCC
Author, Speaker, Clinical Director, Sunshine Coast Health Center

"Today, the problem isn't that man desires greatness, it's that he doesn't know how to realize it. To find his way, man needs a guide, someone who has journeyed through life's seasons and not just survived, but thrived. More than just knowing about truth, goodness, and character, a guide needs to have experienced and succeeded in living and integrating them himself. When such a guide is found, the pilgrim has peace because he has found a guide who knows the way. Peter White is one of the few guides who knows the way, and thankfully he has devoted his life to guiding others into life, happiness, and peace. He not only brings others to greatness, he is an experience of it."

Jake Khym, MA, RCC, CCC Life Restoration

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